Ritual Motorcycles Limited

Established 2014

Kent based custom Motorcycle Shop


Ritual Motorcycles Limited

Registered with companies house

trading from 1st July 2014





07540845781 or 07545243884

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We specialise in building tough, stylish and fast Bobbers based on the Harley Davidson Sportster. We can undertake any modification you have in mind. Frame swaps or fabrication, engine upgrades, suspension upgrades etc the possibilities are endless.

Our core Bobber is a reimagined Sportster that combines influences from Japan and the USA.

We steer away from the Harley Davidson stereotype, embracing patina and utilising the stock parts wherever possible.

We cut off and refabricate anything innessential and combine a variety of parts to bring you a very raw, loud and quick bike.

All elements are available individually or our most popular option is to take your stock bike and recommision it.

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